Jaks Renewables provides reliable and green energy consultancy services to help you power your home in an environmentally-friendly way. With our expertise in solar power, insulation and airsource heat pumps, you can reduce your home energy bills significantly.

Jaks specialises in the survey & installation of air source, solar & insulation measures to assist the Insurance, trade, house builders, social housing & energy providers.

Make your home more energy efficient

Our experts will assess the current condition of your home and provide tailored solutions to make it more energy efficient. We will help you select the right equipment and materials to maximise the efficiency of your home’s energy usage.

Affordable and sustainable options

Jaks Renewables can help you find a range of affordable and sustainable solutions that are tailored to suit every budget. With our partnerships for renewable energy systems, you can save big on your electricity bills while reducing your carbon footprint!

Complete peace of mind

We understand how important it is for you to have a reliable source of clean energy for your home. That’s why we guarantee complete peace of mind when it comes to quality assurance, customer service and after-sales support.

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